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Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is a critical factor in determining the long term returns of your portfolio. It also helps determine the trade-off between risk and return for your particular needs. We consider a number of factors on developing an asset allocation that’s appropriate for you including:

Your Investment Goals

Your financial advisor will need to understand your short and long-term objectives for example, a home purchase, education, retirement, or business financing to create an allocation to help you reach your goals.

Your Risk Tolerance

Do you lose sleep when the market slides? Or do you shrug off the market slide is the normal course of business on Wall Street? We can help you understand your emotional reactions to the risks of investing and can help you create a plan that suits your investment temperament.

Determining the amount of investment risk you can tolerate is essential in establishing your asset allocation. We will examine your income, investable assets, investment goals, even your attitude about risk, to determine the risk/return trade-off that’s right for you.

Your Time Horizon

In order for us to tailor your portfolio to your goals and life stage, it’s important to define your financial time rising. A portfolio invested to finance retirement in 20 years would include a different selection of securities than the portfolio intended to finance in imminent retirement. For example, a growth oriented investor seeking to maximize his or her long-term return potentially may be willing to tolerate the large short-term price fluctuations that can occur with a concentration in Stocks. On the other hand, an investor with short-term goals might be more likely to choose a bond oriented allocation that’s more suitable for generating income. We will work closely with you to establish an allocation that meets your particular needs.


We will generally build your portfolio using a variety of asset classes to achieve a high level of diversification andlong-term stability.

Periodic Rebalancing

Your needs, goals, and time horizon change over time. So, too, does the market. One of the ways we add value to your investment plan is by monitoring and periodically rebalancing the asset allocation of your portfolio.

Positioning Of Your Portfolio

Investment expenses and taxes can significantly erode the value of your portfolio. A low-cost, tax efficient portfolio can be the foundation for long-term investment success.


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