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Education Funding

Education Funding

Have your education savings grow alongside your child.

Professional Quality

As your partner, Bradley Wealth delivers professional quality 529 Plan solutions that can help you navigate today’s volatile markets. We make investing clear, fair, and efficient for you by executing investment ideas with insights and support.


You’re always in control. Choose from portfolios focused on specific asset classes or the year your child will enter school, or Bradley Wealth can build custom portfolios to meet your needs.


Keep fees in check with one of the lowest average asset-based, fee-only 529 Plans.


Manage risk with diversified exposure to a specific asset class or sector.


You’ll know exactly what investments you own in your 529 Plan and how much you’re paying in management fees.

529 Plan Tax Advantages

Our 529 Plan of choice offers an array of tax advantages, including estate planning and gifting tax advantages, that make the cost of education more easily achievable than you think.


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