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Family Business

Family Business

Make your business the foundation of your future. We are dedicated to providing innovative, flexible financial solutions to business owners and families with growing wealth.

Whether it’s the sale of your company, minimizing tax risk, developing a succession plan, building an investment strategy to diversify your portfolio, creating an estate plan, educating the next generation, or more, Bradley Wealth can help business owners achieve their goals.

A well planned strategy can help you best leverage your success to help create opportunities and security for you, your family and generations to come. Our integrated approach to wealth management can  help you clarify your total financial picture, identify your priorities and focus on achieving your life’s goals.

Cash and Liquidity Management

Bradley Wealth helps you make the most of your operating cash and cash reserves. We take the time to understand your unique needs and guide you through the range of short – and medium – term investing options. We will work with you to devise a cash and liquidity management strategy that fits your objectives.

Valuation Consulting

Through our extensive network of valuation experts, Bradley Wealth helps business owners settle differences, value a business for estate and gift tax purposes, counsel clients regarding the sale or acquisition of a business, or help spouses work through valuation issues as it pertains to divorce.

Retirement Solutions

Whether you are a business owner or self-employed, Bradley Wealth can help you develop retirement solutions that best serve your needs. Whatever the size of the company, you face great opportunities and great challenges in planning for the future. We offer a broad array of flexible business owner retirement plans including:

  • Large employee benefit programs
  • Small business solutions
  • Self-employed clients

Succession Planning

It’s vital for every family-owned business to have an official succession plan in place. Simply put, succession planning in the context of family business involves preparing the business for transition into the hands of the next generation. The succession plan maintains continuity and ensures that the family’s legacy remains successfully intact.


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