Looking For An Alternative To Traditional Investments?

Alternative Investing

Important Questions To Ask

Depending on your time horizon, investment objectives, and tax status, alternative investment strategies can be an additional tool in your portfolio.

Together, we will discuss the possible use of alternative investment strategies in your portfolio, taking the following important questions into consideration:

  • Why are you considering this investment?
  • How are the investment returns generated?
  • What are the risks of this investment? When do you expect it to be performed well, and when will
    perform poorly?
  • How transparent is the investment?
  • How does the investment fit in your overall strategy?
  • How do you plan to measure the performance of your investment?
  • Under what circumstances would you increase or decrease your position on the investment?
  • How might fees and taxes affect your return? • How big a concern is liquidity or leverage?
  • How much access do you have to the top managers and what are the risk of selecting managers
    outside the top-tier?


“Our capital markets are relocation centers. They relocate wealth from the impatient to the patient.
Patient investors are always rewarded.”
M I C H A E L   B R A D L E Y, Chief Executive Officer


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