Bradley Wealth Balances Efficiency with AdvisorPeak

Posted on September 24, 2020

Brandon Scott, Portfolio Manager, Bradley Wealth
Technology, often expensive and daunting, can be worth the cost when it enhances our clients’ lives and makes Bradley Wealth a more efficient and sound wealth management firm.
We recently began using AdvisorPeak, a trade rebalancing software that automates the rebalancing of our clients’ portfolios based on their specified risk profile and investment objective.
As Portfolio Manager, I am always looking for ways to be more efficient when managing our clients’ portfolios. Being able to transition from manual to automated rebalancing could easily save me hours each day.
AdvisorPeak makes it easy to manage allocation models, from simple to complex. Their algorithm monitors client households and accounts and provides real-time data for quick decision making. The world moves fast and AdvisorPeak helps BW move faster.
AdvisorPeak will ensure BW’s custom-tailored portfolio management style is stronger than ever. As our clients know, we do not do cookie cutter portfolio management.
Another positive aspect of AdvisorPeak is that it saves me a lot of time (and effort) on quarterly billing, which is currently done manually. Instead, I’ll have more time to research alternative investments and engage in more investment conversations with clients.
Using AdvisorPeak is like having another full-time staff member, and it can also help with higher-level strategic thinking across the entire firm.
The erratic trading environment we’re currently in means there can be drastic intraday price swings with a particular security, and AdvisorPeak allows us to be more agile and to trade with more accuracy, creating better results for our clients.
If something changes in the economic landscape, AdvisorPeak allows me to act quickly to move in and out of investments in an efficient and effective manner.
With AdvisorPeak, BW will enhance our clients’ portfolios by:

  • Setting custom trade minimums
  • Monitoring drift from model targets
  • Making tactical trades
  • Optimizing for tax savings
  • Executing bulk trades with rapid precision

For instance, if we wanted to move into or out of a stock, such as Amazon, I can now do it with one single click of a button, rather than going through each account.
AdvisorPeak integrates well with Orion, a technology we’re already using to provide our clients’ individual online portfolio portal. Pricing and transaction data feed from Orion into AdvisorPeak every morning before the market opens, so we’re always working with up-to-date pricing and trade information.
As we dig deeper into AdvisorPeak, I’m confident I’ll become an even better portfolio manager and our clients will experience optimal investment results.
Our main goals at BW are to help our clients live life by their own design and assist them in attaining True Wealth, which is experiencing things money can’t buy and death can’t take away, like time with our friends and family and making memories. Using AdvisorPeak gives us a platform from which our clients can launch their journey for True Wealth.
Technology can be expensive and daunting, but when it leads us to True Wealth, it’s worth every penny.
We’re excited about bringing AdvisorPeak into our BW family of financial technology products, making us the modern financial advisor our clients want now and will need in the future.

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