Our Investment in Technology: COMPASS & ASCENT

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We pride ourselves on giving you a high-touch experience, knowing you can reach out to any of us at Bradley Wealth and we’ll be available to help or answer questions.

It’s equally important to me that you have access to your portfolio and other financial information 24/7/365. You shouldn’t have to wait to call us if you need to know how certain investments are doing, or if you need reports or forms.

That’s why BW invested in ASCENT, your personal investment portfolio portal, and branded it as a Bradley Wealth private labeled product. You have complete portfolio details at your fingertips any time, and I hope you’re taking advantage of all the things ASCENT can do for you.

We also recently invested in COMPASS, a Bradley Wealth personal financial software website that contains all the tools you need to take control of your financial world! COMPASS will hold your portfolio information AND has the capability to connect with and pull in info from your outside financial accounts, putting all your financial information in one convenient platform.

Our goal for 2020 was to provide personal COMPASS websites to 24 clients and we reached that goal! In fact, we now have a few clients on a waiting list for their COMPASS site! If you’d like to see a demo of the COMPASS website and learn what it can do for you, or if you want to be added to the 2021 wait list, please contact Ryan Tosto (ryan@bradleywealth.com) or Alex Cohen (alex@bradleywealth.com).

Scalable to Meet Your Needs

COMPASS allows you to add as much or as little personal information as you’d like. You can even allow Bradley Wealth to access as much or as little of your information as you prefer. And, of course, the website is highly secure, as seen here. (embed this security video link: https://abm.emaplan.com/ABM/MediaServe/MediaLink?token=4992355eb5f341a197b4b691d7eef37c)


This short video (embed link: https://abm.emaplan.com/ABM/MediaServe/MediaLink?token=65eab9e5ef854f868c3959334c08482d) shows the many useful features of your COMPASS website, including:

  • See all your accounts on one web page
  • View your updated investments
  • Track your progress towards your goals and set new goals
  • Access all of your important documents (wills, birth certificates, taxes, real estate titles, mortgages, insurance policies, etc.)
  • Create budgeting/spending reports
  • Run “what-if” scenarios for investment options
  • Track your investments and net worth
  • Receive custom alerts to notify you of important dates, reminders, and account and investment changes

We branded COMPASS as a Bradley Wealth product and I’m proud to offer you this new tool. When you see the COMPASS and the ASCENT logos, you’ll know you’re in the right place and able to securely access all of your personal financial information.