Financial Uncertainty Preparedness Checklist

Posted on October 25, 2021

In financial planning, setting clear and concise goals is paramount. We’ve found that using checklists is the best way to facilitate the steps of financial planning, and we’ve developed these eight checklists to help you navigate life’s milestones.

  • Eldercare Financial Checklist
  • Financial Uncertainty Preparedness Checklist
  • Midlife Financial Checklist
  • New Parent Financial Checklist
  • New Widow/Widower Financial Checklist
  • Premarital Financial Checklist
  • Pre-Divorce Financial Checklist
  • Pre-Retirement Preparedness Financial Checklist

In this issue, I’m spotlighting our Financial Uncertainty Preparedness Checklist because it covers the foundation blocks of having a sound financial strategy and can help us uncover any gaps, weaknesses, or vulnerabilities in your unique financial plan. We want to ensure your plan is as strong as possible. When we experience bouts of volatility in the market (they do happen!), we always refer to your plan. It brings front-of-mind your long-term goals and aspirations and reminds us exactly what your Ideal Life looks like. The Financial Uncertainty Preparedness Checklist helps us determine if you:

  • Have your Risk Profile and are sticking to it  
  • Are saving efficiently towards your specific goals (education, home purchase, wedding, etc.) 
  • Are contributing to a retirement account, whether it a be an employer-sponsored 401(k) or an Individual Retirement Account
  • Have your insurance in line and have done the proper Estate Planning

Checking these boxes ensures you have your ducks in a row or, as I like to say, you’ve put the moat around the castle. Approximately 85% of our clients are Financial Planning clients and, like anything else in life, those who plan and prepare get results. Our BW team is proud to serve as a coach, guide, and accountability partner to the most amazing clients around, and we get a thrill to see our clients check off their goals one at a time, meeting after meeting. 

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to go through the Financial Uncertainty Preparedness Checklist with you to ensure you’re on track for managing market volatility. Otherwise, check it out, along with the other financial checklists on our website.

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