Life as a Bradley Wealth Client: Alex M.

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Alex M., one of Bradley Wealth’s newest Millennial clients since February 2020, is taking over the world! She is beyond her 28 years relative to her peer group and her commitment to her financial life. Joining Bradley Wealth earlier this year, Alex has truly been an A+ client in every way.

When we started talking with Alex last November, she had saved up quite a bit of cash and didn’t know what to do with it. Buying a house in San Diego in 2016 had drained her finances, so she had never been concerned with investing.

Alex’s career as a sales rep for a title and escrow company has taken off in the last few years, and she’s being rewarding handsomely for her hard work. So, as the excess funds accumulated, she began talking to a variety of financial advisors about the best plan for her money.

Alex wasn’t impressed with any of the advisors she met with and was especially disappointed she didn’t learn anything from them, which she should have because, by her own admission, she knew very little about financial planning. Most disappointing for her was when they actually tried to sell her life insurance.

“When I met with Michael,” Alex said, “I learned from him the entire time we were talking. He was cool and no pressure. He admitted I’d be putting my money into a volatile market and he assured me he would be very careful.”

COVID-19 hit right after Alex joined us and yet she has still seen a great return. “The worldwide pandemic is the worst-case scenario, and Bradley Wealth still came through,” Alex said.

Alex has customers all over California and Arizona and splits her time between San Diego and Scottsdale.

As a sign of the times, Alex has a virtual team supporting her sales role, including Sarah, a virtual assistant who lives in the Philippines. “We’ve talked daily for two years and we’ve never met,” Alex said about Sarah, “but we have a great relationship. And I also have a local partner, Natalie, who assists me. We’re a powerful team of three.”

Alex and Bryan, her fiancé, are into fitness, the outdoors, and just being active in general, including yoga, working out, roller blading, and riding fat-tire bikes on the beach. When the Coronavirus hit, they immediately ordered an entire set of gym equipment and set it up in their garage.

Her idea of True Wealth, beyond the people in her life and her 6-month old puppy, Koda, is the ability to travel the world. “We’re obsessed with the tropics,” Alex said. “We went to Bora Bora twice last year, and we also like to spend time in Cabo San Lucas.”

Alex found Bradley Wealth through a referral, someone she thinks very highly of, which helped her trust us early in the process. We’re so pleased to have Alex as a client and also thrilled to recently welcome her fiancé Bryan to the Bradley Wealth family.

Alex and Bryan are going places, literally and figuratively, and BW is honored to be by their side on their journey to True Wealth.