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Posted on January 21, 2021

Our Relationship with SSG Shareholder Group

Shareholders Service Group (SSG) has a sole focus: serving independent RIAs like Bradley Wealth. We’ve been doing business with SSG for more than 10 years and working with them means we’re able to serve you better through their advanced technology platform for service, trading, billing, and reporting.

SSG, founded in 2002 and led by CEO Peter Mangan and President Dan Skiles, operates from the same values and goals that drive BW: they provide responsive service, give excellent value, are a trusted partner, and help advisors exceed their clients’ expectations.

Doesn’t that sound exactly like what we’re doing at BW?

“SSG has over 1,600 clients just like BW across the country,” Dan Skiles recently shared. “We are owned by our employees, and we are all committed to personal connections, just like BW. Unlike large custodians, our personal touch means we’re able to build relationships with our clients. If someone calls and asks if a particular check got to us, we can easily find the answer for them.”

Dan was a long-time executive with Charles Schwab, so he knows the industry inside and out, and he knows how to grow strong relationships that enhance outcomes. Dan and I agree that great technology is important, but people are more important.

“The average industry experience of SSG employees is more than 18 years,” Dan said, “and we hire people from within the profession who are known to be the best.”

SSG’s motto is “We’re getting bigger and smaller at the same time.” That resonates with me and BW. And, naturally, my strong friendship and working relationship with Dan and his SSG team benefits you and all BW clients. You can feel confident in their ability to act as custodian to BW and your account(s). If you’re interested in learning more about SSG, you can visit their website at

Our Relationship with Pershing Bank

I originally chose to work with BNY Mellon’s Pershing Bank because they’ve been around for more than 80 years and work with large financial institutions around the world.  In fact, they have $2 trillion in global client assets and serve 1,300 clients worldwide.

I’ve remained with Pershing because they’ve done a great job of protecting BW’s interests, and the interests of our clients, while offering the most innovative solutions. In addition to investment and retirement solutions, and trading services, Pershing is also the largest provider of clearing, custody, and settlement services.

Like BW and SSG, Pershing believes in personal relationships. During the 10 years BW has worked with Pershing, they have proven to be committed to our success, and to your financial planning success.

You can learn more about the Pershing family of companies here.

Precise FP: Your Client Portal

Bradley Wealth chooses to use the most cutting-edge fintech software the industry has to offer. Two years ago, we partnered with PreciseFP to streamline the way we engage with our clients. I’m happy to report the feedback from clients has been nothing but terrific.  

BW moved to 100% paperless, along with the financial services industry. If you visit our offices, you will notice we do not have filing cabinets lining our walls or client’s documents in paper form sitting around. Thanks to PreciseFP, each of our clients have their own organized, encrypted, secure digital files.

We were able to modernize the way we “engage” with you when it comes to the data gathering process. PreciseFP, founded in 2007, powers the engine behind our Client Confidential Questionnaire (CCQ) and Investment Risk Assessment. These two vital engagements are the backbone of our relationship with you   

The CCQ allows you to organize, input, and share all of the necessary information is takes to embark on a Financial Planning relationship with Bradley Wealth. Clients can easily and seamlessly enter information, upload documents, and provide details around their current financial situation from their personal devices. The CCQ is two-factor authentication protected and encrypts data to ensure the highest level of protection. 

The Investment Risk Assessment is a 10-minute questionnaire that determines a client’s unique risk tolerance – one of the fundamental points to consider when planning a client’s investment strategy. All clients, at one point or another, have completed a version of the Investment Risk Assessment.   

As we kick off 2021, BW is taking the initiative to ensure ALL clients have up-to-date risk profiles. For suitability and compliance purposes, we ask that every few years, or as life milestones occur, clients complete an updated Investment Risk Assessment.

So please don’t be surprised if you hear from us asking you to complete your updated Investment Risk Assessment in a timely manner. If, when completing the assessment, you have any questions or need clarification, please email [email protected] or call (619) 512-4100. One of our Stakeholders will be more than happy to assist you.

Our primary goal is to serve you to the highest level. Integrating systems and software allows us to ensure your goals are continuously aligned with your Financial Plan and investment portfolio. 

If you have any specific questions regarding PreciseFP, please feel free to reach out to Alex Cohen, our Wealth Plan Design Specialist, at [email protected] or call the office at (619) 512-4100.

When I built BW, I wanted to work with the best clients and the best partners, those whose values match my own. We have a nice balance right now and much of that credit goes to SSG, Pershing, PreciseFP, and all the folks who live up to their commitment of serving our needs, no matter what. Our partners are here for us, just our BW team is here for you, committed to caring for your financial future and making your personal True Wealth possible.  

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