Q1 2021 – CEO to YOU Message

Posted on April 23, 2021

Michael’s Message

Nobody would dispute that 2020 had more than its fair share of darkness. But behind all that darkness we are beginning to see light on the other side. It’s more important than ever to be deliberate about employing tools and strategies in our daily lives to manage our stress, avoid burnout, and stay healthy.

The first quarter of 2021 saw stable markets and a new president attempting to tame the pandemic, giving us a little glimmer of hope. Is it possible that with the number of people getting vaccinated we might begin to experience a new normal that might resemble the old normal?

We have all been changed in one way or another by the pandemic, including our attitude about money. Americans alike are re-evaluating their personal lives and finances like I’ve never seen before.  Many have placed a higher priority on growing their emergency liquid savings. The unwillingness, and inability, of Americans to spend on experiences and services led to a shift in household budget sheets. 

Some of us have learned to loosen the purse strings and spend on the things that enrich us and our families. Others of us have had no choice but to clamp down on spending and concentrate on putting away for retirement while still living our Ideal Life now.

When we’re part of a couple or family, our attitudes combine to create our family’s financial culture. Our BW team best serves you and your family by understanding your unique financial culture… and its evolution through your life stages and events, including a pandemic!

At Bradley Wealth, we take your financial culture into consideration as we build resilient financial plans for our clients, balance their portfolios, and innovate our internal processes. Never has the process of prediction been so crucial in the lives of our clients. The times we are living in continue to be historic and unprecedented.

In this issue, you can read about the markets and the things we’re doing to make BW, and your life, better!

Your Client Experience

Market & Economic Outlook

Global economic activity is on track for a continued strong rebound in 2021, after the COVID-19 global recession led to an economic rollercoaster ride in 2020.

2020 IRA Contribution Limits & Tax Deadline

Most people dread owing taxes, but Tax Day can be an important deadline in helping to meet your financial goals. And we’re happy to report the IRS pushed the tax deadline for 2020 filings to May 17, 2021.

Risk Assessment Questionnaire – Annual Updates Required

BW has reached a major milestone: we’re transitioning to the SEC in 2021. We’ve been doing lots of behind-the-scenes compliance work, much of which you won’t notice.

New! Mobile Check Deposits Now Available

We are proud to announce a new convenience for you! Instead of mailing physical checks to be deposited as contributions (including contributions to an IRA), you can now make mobile check deposits to your accounts through the NetXInvestor app.

Our New Tools

Your Financial Big Picture Now Possible

You can now integrate your outside-held financial accounts to your BW MoneyGuidePro (MGP) portal, giving you a view of your financial big picture.

Y-Charts Announcement

We know how powerful a visual can be in helping you understand finance data. Imagine if specific investment company or fund data were coupled with advanced analytics and then displayed as meaningful, easy-to-understand charts.

Stakeholder News

Core Values: Thirst for Knowledge

As you know, one of our BW core values is to maintain a Thirst for Knowledge so our stakeholders can better serve you, and so they grow personally and professionally.

Stakeholder News: Congratulations to Anastasiia on her Engagement

You’ve probably noticed our BW team feels like a family, not just with our team but also with you and our other clients. That’s why I’m thrilled to congratulate Anastasiia on her recent engagement to Raed, who will now be part of our BW family.

Life as a BW Client: Duke & Bethany Moseley

Duke and Bethany were referred to Bradley Wealth in 2013 by one of his co-workers and having them as clients for the last eight years has been a complete pleasure.

I recently returned from my second trip to the Masters golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia, where the dogwood trees and azaleas were in colorful bloom! The spring’s blossoming adds to our feelings of renewal and lifts our hopes that our lives will soon open back up as the pandemic recedes.

In addition to supporting you in realizing your financial dreams, BW is also keen on supporting our community, especially the Boys & Girls Club of Scottsdale. With the mutual support of a key investment partner, Bradley Wealth donated a 5-night guided fishing package to Salmon Falls Resort in Alaska to be auctioned off at the Boys & Girls Club fundraising gala this month. Children are truly our future, and it’s never too early to prepare them for adulthood or guide them toward being fiscally responsible.

I can’t wait to get to see you again… in person… and hear what you’ve been up to recently. Particularly to see if your family’s financial culture has changed over the last year. And to make sure you’re living your Ideal Life right now!

Thank you for being a part of my life and a BW client, and please call on us anytime. It’s truly an honor and delight to serve you!

Faithfully Yours,

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