Brandon Scott

Portfolio Manager
Co-Chief Investment Officer

Brandon grew up in Nebraska and at a very young age learned that hard work (and not letting anything get in his way) was going to be the secret recipe to his success. 

Remarkably, Brandon discovered his passion and the direction he wanted to take in life before he entered middle school. 

Every morning before school, Brandon would watch CNBC with his dad, even though he didn’t fully grasp what he was seeing. Yet, he asked his dad questions to get a better understanding of the financial markets and what he was seeing on TV.

Brandon was fascinated with the efficiency of the financial markets and how a consumer could be an owner of a publicly traded company simply by purchasing shares of the underlying company’s stock. This daily ritual of watching CNBC with his dad sparked his interest in the financial markets and was the first steppingstone to where he is today as Bradley Wealth’s Portfolio Manager.

Brandon graduated with a degree in Finance from Buena Vista University in 2015. After working for industry leaders in the financial services and financial technology space, he wanted to work for a company where he could directly impact people’s (financial) lives. 

Brandon began working with Bradley Wealth in September 2017. Taking the role was a life changing move, and not just because he moved from Nebraska to Scottsdale. As a Portfolio Manager, Brandon can think of no better feeling than knowing he has helped an individual or family into a better financial position based on the diligence and care he puts into the construction of their investment portfolio.

When Brandon, on rare occasions, isn’t preoccupied with the financial markets, he can be found spending time with friends and family. He would not be the person he is today without their support and encouragement. 

Brandon is also an avid sports fan and big music junkie. If finance doesn’t work out (slim chance of that!!), then he wants to be involved in the music industry. 

Favorite Quotes

“The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.” - Kobe Bryant

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