Chief Comfort Officer

As Chief Comfort Officer, Sadie provides comfort and emotional support to the Bradley Wealth team with her joyful nature, calm demeanor, and eagerness to interact with all stakeholders and anyone else she comes in contact with.  Prior to joining Bradley Wealth, Sadie spent five years in San Diego making new friends and enjoying many outdoor adventures.  Her obedience training at 14 weeks old has proved to be a positive influence in the hearts of many on a daily basis. Sadie currently resides with Michael and Brooklyn in Scottsdale Arizona.  When she is not in the office, she is busy chasing lizards and rabbits and enjoying her favorite treats.

Get to Know Sadie 

Favorite Quote: “Want a treat?”

If Sadie could meet anyone, past or present, it would be: Lassie. She enjoys watching the movie and day dreams about being able to wander the fields. 

Hidden talent/skills: Can catch a lizard at record speed. Her jumping skills are fascinating once she spots her prey.

What motivates Sadie: Treats! She will NEVER pass down any treat or table scrap. Her favorite food is steak and potatoes like her daddy.

Favorite holiday: Bring your dog to work day

Something on Sadie’s bucket list: Eat an entire box of Milk bone treats in one setting. She never seems to be full.

Hidden Talent: Shaking, sitting and laying down on command. She also LOVES chasing bicycles and scooters.