Welcome Dr. Aaron & Kim H.

Posted on May 21, 2020

We Love New Clients & Appreciate Referrals I’m so happy to welcome Dr. Aaron and Kim H. to our Bradley Wealth family. Best of all, they were referred by a trusted CPA (and friend!) Dr. Aaron and Kim have both earned PhDs in Chemistry and spend their days helping people remain healthy; Aaron as a pediatrician and Kim as the owner of a nutrition and performance coaching company. Kim also holds an MBA and previously worked in high-tech corporate business development. Now, she consults and provides programs to corporations who want to improve the wellness and health of their employees. She also coaches athletes and fitness enthusiasts on nutrition. Aaron and Kim are self-starters and lifelong learners, so Kim used her usual tenacity to manage their money and taxes until last year. That’s when she realized their finances were getting complicated, due to Aaron being a pediatrician with Kaiser-Permanente, and they needed to bring in an expert. They were referred to a CPA who then recommended Bradley Wealth when they were looking for a trusted financial advisor. Kim recently said, “I trusted that our CPA would give me the name of someone he trusted implicitly. We are now part of a trust network.” I’m honored when someone trusts me enough to recommend Bradley Wealth, and I’m humbled when someone who has never worked with a financial advisor chooses me from among their many options. It’s been two months since we started working with Kim and Aaron and they’ve remained calm and steady throughout, even during the Coronavirus market upsets. Their sites are set on watching their long-term plans come to fruition while knowing they’ll experience highs and lows and anticipated opportunities in the coming months. Kim and Aaron don’t do anything halfway! They did their usual due diligence in searching for a financial advisor. That’s why I was especially pleased when Kim said, “The minute I met Michael and his team, I knew immediately I had made the right decision. I like that Bradley Wealth is a smaller firm that’s able to focus on individual clients. I’ve found their level of communication to be useful, and we’ve been amazed with the ease of getting everything setup.” Kim and Aaron now have peace of mind, knowing our Bradley Wealth team is taking care to build the future of their dreams. Kim said it best when she mentioned being part of a trust network. Welcome to the family, Kim and Aaron, and thank you for your trust! Referrals The highest compliment a client can pay is to refer a friend or relative to Bradley Wealth. Clients like you are a vital part of my business’s growth. Even now in the midst of so much societal change and uncertainty, we are still bringing on new clients/family members, while maintaining our high standard of personalized service. Over the years many of my clients have asked me to speak with a friend, relative or colleague concerning wealth management and I consider it an honor and a privilege. I’m always happy to accommodate those wishes and want you to fully understand the standards by which I comply with such requests:

  • Confidentiality is the cornerstone of my business; each of my client relationships is distinctly separate and totally private
  • Thoughtful and courteous service is guaranteed; Bradley Wealth is a people business
  • I never give advice and counsel to a client without thoroughly understanding his or her needs
If and when you would like for me to speak with a friend, relative, or associate, you can feel comfortable knowing they will be treated with the upmost respect. We would be honored to bring them into our Bradley Wealth trust network and family.]]>

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In 15 minutes we can get to know you – your situation, goals, and needs – then connect you with an advisor committed to helping you pursue True Wealth.