What Drives Us: You, Our Purpose, and Core Values

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As a Bradley Wealth client, any time you call or visit our office you should see and feel our values. In late 2019, our team got together and brainstormed our core purpose and values, looking into our hearts while looking ahead to 2020. We were thinking about our relationship with you and where we want to take it.

We’re not satisfied just writing down our purpose and values, though. We strive to live them every day. At least we attempt to live them every day. After all, we are only human and occasionally we, too, have a bad day. But on our Good Days, you’ll find us:

  • Being Selfless & Humble
  • Being Authentic
  • Serving with Passion & Positivity
  • Being Connected & Engaged
  • Being Empowered & Accountable
  • Having a Thirst for Knowledge

Our slogan for creating an extraordinary 2020 says it all:

Always On. Always In.

That means we’re here for you no matter what. And we’re ready to assist with any of your financial needs and questions.

But you might wonder why we are here for you. That’s easy, and two-fold:

  • We want to inspire you and others to realize your greatest Return on Life. Not to brag, but we’re exceptionally good at creating customized investment plans based on your personal desires and wishes.
  • We empower and educate the world to be responsible stewards of their wealth – One Person, One Plan, One Dream at a time.

In addition to managing your wealth, we care about your quality of life, and we care about helping you realize your dreams. We’re really good at that, too; making dreams come true.

So, to put it all in a nutshell, here’s our vision:

Be an innovative, visionary wealth management leader that inspires countless generations to pursue their greatest Return on Life.

Sounds like a tall order but we’re up to it. Heck, we’ve been doing it for nearly two decades, through ups and downs, including the recent market pullbacks over global fears about the Coronavirus.

We want you to dream big, live bold, and rest assured we’re here for you through everything.

Always On. Always In!