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Posted on October 08, 2020

Everything we do at Bradley Wealth is to make your portfolio more powerful, and to ensure you are able to live your ideal life plan. We rely on some technologies to advance our work and your wealth. This section gives you an update on our newest offerings and technologies, showing the many benefits our procedures bring to your finances.

  • AdvisorPeak – Rebalancing Software
  • Health Savings Accounts Now Available
  • Trainual & Our Operations Playbook
  • Advisor Education Seminars


We recently began using AdvisorPeak, a trade rebalancing software that automates the rebalancing of your portfolio based on your specified risk profile and investment objective.
Brandon Scott, our Portfolio Manager, can easily save hours each day with our transition from manual to automated rebalancing. AdvisorPeak makes it easy to manage allocation models, from simple to complex; their algorithm monitors client households and accounts and provides real-time data for quick decision making. The world moves fast and AdvisorPeak helps BW move faster.
AdvisorPeak will ensure BW’s custom-tailored portfolio management style is stronger than ever, will save us time on quarterly billing, and affords Brandon more time to research alternative investments and have more conversations with you.
If something changes in the economic landscape, AdvisorPeak allows us to act quickly to move in and out of investments in an efficient and effective manner, and it means we’re always working with up-to-date pricing and trade information.
With AdvisorPeak, your portfolio will be enhanced by:

  • Setting custom trade minimums
  • Monitoring drift from model targets
  • Making tactical trades
  • Optimizing for tax savings
  • Making bulk trades with rapid precision and execution

We’re excited about bringing AdvisorPeak into our BW family of financial technology products, making us the modern financial advisor our clients want now and will need in the future.

OPEN A HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT (HSA) and pay your medical expenses tax-free!

Bradley Wealth has partnered with HSA Bank. We can now open an HSA for you and add it to your portfolio as one more planning tool in designing your life plan. Unused funds roll over year to year, and after age 65, you can withdraw funds for any purpose without penalty (though subject to ordinary income taxes).
How an HSA works:

  • You can contribute to your HSA via payroll deduction, online banking transfer, or by sending a personal check to HSA Bank.
  • You can pay for qualified medical expenses with your Health Benefits Debit Card directly to your medical provider or pay out of pocket.
  • Contributions to your HSA can be made with pre-tax dollars, and any after-tax contributions you make to your HSA are tax deductible.
  • HSA funds can earn interest and those investment earnings are tax free.

Are you Eligible?
If you have a qualified high-deductible health plan (HDHP) – either through your employer, spouse, or purchased on your own – chances are you can open an HSA. Check out our HSA webpage (embed link when the page is created) or, if you’re ready to open an HSA account, please contact Roxanne Alexander at 619.350.6316 or [email protected], and she’ll gladly walk you through the quick process.

TRAINUAL & Our Operations Playbook

We’ve engaged Trainual, an online software company, to help us build our Operations Playbook, one of the three key manuals that document how we do things at Bradley Wealth. I like to say we’re documenting and organizing the three Ps — process, policy, and procedure —  for every system, function, and role at BW.
As we’re evolving BW to the next level, we’re bringing efficiencies into our day-to-day and creating how-tos and whys. Having all company processes documented is an easy way to train our team and keep everyone on the same page.
I mentioned three key manuals. In addition to the Operations Playbook, we’re also compiling our Sales Playbook and our Client Care Playbook. These manuals are customized to our practice and add overall structure to our firm.
The Operations Playbook, along with our other playbooks, will make us extremely fluid in how we serve you and run our business day in and day out. We will have a system for everything we do on your behalf, and the system will ensure consistency and efficiency across the board!


Our clients ask us questions about various investment topics or whether the markets are up or down, and we love sharing what we know. Now, we’re preparing to share more information with you through online seminars. These 45-minute sessions will cover the following topics and we’ll leave 15 minutes for Q&A at the end:

  • Blueprinting Your Ideal Life
  • Creating a Financial Roadmap
  • Finances After 40
  • An Estate Planning Checklist: 5 Ways to Protect Your Loved Ones
  • The Importance of Setting Clear Investment Goals

Knowledge truly is power and while you trust us to manage your wealth portfolio for optimal results, we also know you’ll benefit from understanding financial planning in more detail.
Our goal is to schedule a series of seminars and post the series so you can add relevant sessions to your calendar. If you have a topic you’d like to learn more about, please contact Jake Hall ([email protected] or 619.350.6313) or [email protected], and we’ll take your request into consideration when developing the seminar series.

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