Getting the Right Stuff Done… with EOS®

Posted on May 21, 2020

  • Defined BW’s most important goals
  • Assigned ownership for each goal to BW staff members
  • Determined what success will look like for each goal
  • Created our core values, vision, and mission
  • Michael Erath helped us design a very clear road map for where we’re going as a business. Hopefully, you’re seeing signs that we’re improving our processes, communication, and accountability. In addition to being a stellar business coach, Michael Erath is also a Bradley Wealth client, which adds another layer of meaning to this entire process. That’s why we’re excited to work with Michael Erath, a Master Facilitator, Certified EOS Implementer®, and best-selling author who has also used EOS in his own business. Through his company, The Traction Hub, Michael has shepherded 76 companies through EOS over the last five years. I appreciate that Michael Erath has experienced personal and professional ups and downs, and has always bounced back bigger and better, which is probably why he titled his engaging book “Rise.” Why Should You Care about EOS? EOS gives our team the tools we need to be accountable for our results, and to stay laser-focused on our vision, values, and goals, which you can read more about in this issue. EOS has shown us how to set key operation milestones for the next 10 years and beyond, all to give you peace of mind about the future of your financial portfolio. “Bradley Wealth understands who they are,” Michael Erath recently said to me. “You know what your core values are, you can hire the right people with the same values. You all are clear on your passion and you know why the company exists in the first place; to empower people to live a life of True Wealth. You know what niche you fill in the professional services financial world.” Yes, we do! Over the last six months, we’ve also adopted principles from the other two EOS phases:
    • Traction – We are building a culture of discipline and accountability to improve our effectiveness at achieving our vision
    • Health – Our team members are evolving into an open and healthy leadership team, where barriers such as ego and politics are taken out of the equation
    What We’ve Seen so Far As leader of the program, Brandon holds each of us accountable and checks in to make sure we’re following through on our assigned tasks and goals. I’m proud of how he took the initiative to ask for the leadership role up-front, and I’m pleased with how he’s handled himself and the program. “Our work with EOS couldn’t have come at a better time,” Brandon shared with me recently. “Having our goals in place, along with the entire EOS system, has helped us move through the Coronavirus chaos and be here for our clients while also remaining focused on our long-term goals. I’m confident that without EOS, we wouldn’t have been able to remain as calm and on-task.” EOS is all about structure, discipline, focus, and accountability. It’s about building Bradley Wealth into a business that will optimize our ups and withstand our downs, such as the current pandemic and extreme market pullbacks. “If the EOS program has been this successful during these unexpected and extreme downturns,” Brandon recently said to me, “imagine how well it will propel us under more normal circumstances.” He’s so right! Looking Ahead When we complete the EOS program in 18 months, we will have reached Mt. Everest’s basecamp, an analogy Michael Erath likes to use. From basecamp, we will then venture upward, ready to summit our ultimate goals for Bradley Wealth… and you. “In 18 months,” Michael Erath said, “you’ll have a truly systemized firm that leads to great consistency of product, quality of work, and communications. And also contributes to how efficiently you operate as a business.” Michael Erath believes we will also be freed up to have more interactions with you, which will lead to an even better client experience. Also, when calamity blindsides us, like the Coronavirus pandemic has done, we know from experience the processes we have in place give us a solid foundation from which to weather any natural or man-made disaster. In this current market, it’d be easy to think about dismissing the expense of EOS. However, we’ve already seen the value of the program. Now is the most important time to stick with EOS, because the system has helped us keep our goals front and center. I decided to use EOS because as a business owner, I can easily get stuck in the weeds. When we reached our $100 Million managed assets milestone in 2019, I knew it was time to kickstart our efforts to achieve the next big goal: $500 Million. I simply wanted to optimize my entrepreneurial, client-centric firm. And it’s happening! With Michael Erath’s expert guidance, and Brandon’s lead, EOS is helping us become the ultimate elite, boutique firm we want to be, taking care of you and your finances into the future and beyond.]]>

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