Alternative Investments

Exclusive access delivers opportunity

Our clients, who belong to an exclusive “club” of qualified and accredited investors, have the ability to invest in Alternative Investment opportunities not generally available through the traditional fixed income and equity markets.

Why Alternative Investments?

Designed to enhance, not replace, traditional equities, alternatives are the core investment strategy for institutional investors, private endowments, and pensions. They are not traded on an exchange and do not fall into traditional investments like stocks, bonds, and cash.

Alternatives have the potential to achieve positive returns in up or down markets because they have the ability to withstand large market swings.

Alternatives at Bradley Wealth

Our core mission is to find the best Alternative Investments for our clients. Through strategic partnerships, we offer what we believe to be straight-forward and efficient solutions to improve portfolio diversification with historically low correlated investments.

Finding the perfect Alternative, though, is not always easy because the landscape is constantly changing. We focus on casting a wide net across regions, asset classes, and capital structures in our search for the “best-in-class” allocation mix for your portfolio. Though it might not sound like it, we think finding Alternatives is extremely gratifying.

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How Do I Know Which Investment Strategy Makes the Most Sense for Me?

Many factors go into choosing an investment strategy. The first set of factors begins with you. Our disciplined discovery process is key to understanding the right investment strategy for your specific needs and objectives. Once we have your answers, we begin to think about the second set of factors involved in the overall health of the economy and the financial markets.

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