Goals-Based Financial Planning

You Can Live Your Life by Design, Never by Default

With Bradley Wealth, you’ll have a team of dedicated wealth planning professionals who will evaluate your current financial situation. 

We’ll Identify:

What assets you need today.
What you can do to pursue your financial goals.

Your financial plan stays current through regular portfolio reviews and modifications. 

Discover Your Personal True Wealth

What matters most to you? Think of the things money can’t buy and death can’t take away. Time with family and friends, memories made and cherished. We help you drill down to find your personal definition of True Wealth and then we assist you in building your dream legacy.

You are taking a tremendous step in pursuing your True Wealth and your ultimate financial dreams, so choose an advisor and partner who will be by your side all the way. We will build a customized plan according to your True Wealth needs, and we’ll guide you through the steps… and through the years.

Goals-Based Financial Planning

For Individuals
& Families

Your goals help us determine which of our investment options best align with your vision. You can count on us to always act in your best interests where your goals drive your investments, not the other way around. We approach financial planning from four angles:

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  • Assessment

    We help bring your current financial situation, risk tolerance, and spending into focus.

  • Personalized Cash-Flow-Based Planning

    We look at your specific financial goals and base your planning on what matters most to you.

  • Social Security Analysis

    Your claiming options receive an in-depth analysis and are part of your overall financial plan.

  • Risk Management Planning

    We help protect your assets and loved ones with custom insurance solutions.

Goals-Based Financial Planning

For Businesses

We focus on four areas of business and help you answer key questions, such as:

  • • What is your business worth?
  • • If something unexpected happens, do you have a succession plan in place?
  • • Would selling your business impact your retirement?
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  • Individual Planning

    Your business is a key asset and an integral part of your individual financial plan.

  • Business Valuation

    We will help with an accurate valuation of your business to fold into your personal financial plan.

  • Tax Efficiency

    No need to wait until filing time. We help you make efficient tax decisions today.

  • Succession Planning

    You must understand and document what happens to your business upon your death, retirement, or sale of your company.

Risk Management

Your estate plan is an integral part of your financial plan. We can assist with beneficiary reviews, creation of a will or trust, reviews and regular updates, helping you remain accountable to your goals, and much more. We point out items that are often overlooked that could create risks and significant complications for your loved ones.

How insurance fits into your financial planning process:

Why Should I Hire
a Financial Advisor?

As an advisor, I must show why a client should pay me to give them advice. If clients can do it all by themselves or hire a computer to invest, what is the true value of having a financial advisor? Is it really worth it?

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Your Goals Matter

You want to reach financial planning goals that matter to you.

Working toward specific goals means you are less likely to spend excessively, leaving you prepared when an unexpected event arises.

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In 15 minutes we can get to know you – your situation, goals, and needs – then connect you with an advisor committed to helping you pursue True Wealth.