Estate Planning

Have you considered your legacy?

Your estate plan should be a reflection of the legacy you want to leave. And it’s much more than your assets. Your legacy is your personal values, the memories held by your loved ones, and your entire belief system.

Legacy Planning

Your advisor is here to help you understand how your assets will be distributed under your current estate plan and existing tax laws. We work with a group of proven estate planning specialists and any of your outside professionals to formalize your wishes. We want to minimize your estate’s administrative burden and maximize the value distributed to your loved ones and the organizations you cherish.

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Trust Services

Wills and trusts are a vital component of estate planning. They are legal instructions of where your assets should go when youve passed on. As part of your estate plan, we will help coordinate the development of a will or trust to fit your needs. One of the most important decisions in this process is who to name as trustee.

Even the best drafted document will fail to meet your goals if the trustee selected fails to carry out their role properly. Youve worked hard to pursue your financial goals and your family deserves the counsel of an objective professional with proven expertise.

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When Should I Start Worrying About Putting Together My Estate Plan?

More than half of the U.S. adult population does not have a will. Without a will, we leave our loved ones unprotected in managing the assets we leave behind. Trusts can also be a smart addition to your estate planning. It’s never too early to begin planning your estate, but most people begin when they have accumulated assets, both real property and savings.

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A Brief Guide to Estate Planning

Peace of mind knowing your loved ones are taken care of once you’re gone is a great gift.

That’s what we’re here for. We can walk you through the steps so you don’t feel like you’re going into things alone. We’ll make this guide simple to follow, too, so you can get back to living your Ideal Life!

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