Our Story

Our Story

Founded in 2002 by Michael Bradley, Bradley Wealth Management has grown to be a high-touch boutique advisory firm, serving clients through holistic financial planning, tailored investment strategies, and concierge personal service.


Following his successful 16-year corporate career, Michael Bradley pursued his long-held passion to help people design their ideal future. Raised as a hard-working Iowan farm kid, Michael’s passion and background gave him a unique ability to serve and guide people in making smart financial choices and live their best life now.

Since 2002, Michael’s vision has grown into being an innovative, visionary wealth management leader who inspires countless generations to pursue their greatest Return on Life (True Wealth).

Our advisors help families from all walks of life discover what True Wealth means in their lives, together mapping a path forward to help them get there.

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Our Core Purpose

To inspire people to realize their greatest Return on Life (ROL).

Our Mission

Empower and educate the world to be responsible stewards of their wealth – One Person, One Plan, One Dream at a time.

Our Core Values

Be Selfless and Humble

Selfless and humble stakeholders put our clients first, knowing our clients trust us to manage their money and their futures. Our stakeholders take their egos out of the equation and do what is right for each client, based on the client’s unique circumstance.

Be Authentic

Our authentic stakeholders are our greatest assets and do not pretend to be anything but their true selves when interacting with our clients and prospects. Knowing their real strength lies in who they are as a human being, they simply don’t know how to be anything else.

Serve with Passion and Positivity

A passionate and positive stakeholder serves our clients with professionalism and zest, no matter what’s going on in the markets. They always see possibilities and thrive on researching the best investment options, building Bradley Wealth, and welcoming team members who possess our core values.

Be Connected and Engaged

Connected and engaged stakeholders are interested in others. Their diverse outlooks are key to our success by actively supporting and assisting our clients, our families and our communities, whenever and however we’re needed.

Be Empowered and Accountable

An empowered and accountable stakeholder knows what needs to be done to ensure Bradley Wealth is the best possible firm it can be. They own their power, and they own the end result.

Thirst for Knowledge

Stakeholders who thirst for knowledge realize they cannot sit back and rely on what they know right now to get themselves and our company into the future. They think of ways to do things better by doing them differently.

Our Approach

Coach and Guide

We serve as your go-to financial coordinator, life coach, and accountability partner.

Your Best Interests Always

We offer a highly relational, unbiased, and independent fiduciary approach.

Effective Game Plan

Your financial plan is built around your goals and vision. As your life and financial situation change, we continually make adjustments to optimize the outcome.

Advice in Common Language

It’s no use explaining your financial plan if all we use is jargon. Our relationship is about keeping you informed in a simple conversational way.

Straightforward Fees

You should know what you’re paying your advisor and how those fees apply to your investments. We’ll explain our fee structure so you have confidence you’re receiving the value you deserve.

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In 15 minutes we can get to know you – your situation, goals, and needs – then connect you with an advisor committed to helping you pursue True Wealth.