Life as a Bradley Wealth Client with Julie B.

Posted on October 08, 2020

“I’m in search of my next adventure,” Julie said. Her positive attitude outshines the fact that she lost her event management job at the height of the Coronavirus. “I look at this as an opportunity to find something I really want to do,” she continued to explain to me. “Something that is full of joy. I just want joy now.”

Although Julie lost her job, she pays me and my team a huge compliment by sharing that she hasn’t worried too much about her financial future since the layoff, knowing we’re managing it all for her. We’ve managed her finances for more than 14 years and we couldn’t ask for any higher praise than that from Julie. And we couldn’t ask for a better client, either. I’m eternally grateful to Heather, Julie’s sister, for referring Julie to me.

“When I started with you,” Julie said, “I didn’t have that much. You were so professional and genuine. Even though I didn’t have much to work with, you never made me feel like I couldn’t be a part of your firm.”

Julie and her positive attitude will always be welcome at Bradley Wealth!

For 20+ years, Julie was in the Pharmacy Benefits Management industry with roles in project management marketing/events. She had just wrapped up her company’s big annual conference in early March when she got word of the layoff later that month.

In the midst of the pandemic and her search for employment, Julie hasn’t been sitting idly by. She published her first children’s book in May titled “Lexie Learns Cats and Lizards Can Be Friends,” and it’s available from Amazon, Barnes & Nobles,, and pretty much anywhere books are sold. Not to give the storyline away, but Lexie the cat discovers an unlikely friendship with a lizard, one who has the power to grant three wishes.

Julie has a love for animals and furry felines in particular. This children’s book chronicle’s Julie’s experience with her cat, Lexie, a stray who showed up about six years ago, coming and going from Julie’s house, interviewing her for the adoptive mom role. Then one day, Lexie finally decided to stay for a few years. Lexie was well-behaved and even sang with Julie, but she was definitely independent.

The cat’s independence inspired the story and the adventure that Julie hopes will teach children lessons. Other Lexie books may be in the future because Julie has found she’s drawn to writing and has even taken courses. In fact, her aspiration is to write 100% as part of her job. She likes writing fiction best, mostly short stories, but one day she might attempt a novella.

Julie is taking things one day at a time and staying busy, taking online classes, building up new skills, and fortifying her resume. “The downtime has been a blessing in disguise as it enabled me to spend precious time with her Father who recently passed away,” Julie said.  In addition, it helps that she has support from her sisters Heather, a health coach, and Debbie, an educator, who both encourage her in seeking her next opportunity.

Julie doesn’t want to spend her life saying things like “I wish I had,” or “I should have done.” She really wants to say, “This is what I want to do.” Not “I have to do this.”

Bradley Wealth shines in helping people create their ideal life and, knowing how Julie feels, we can certainly help her do the things she wants to do.

“My advice to any BW client,” Julie said, “is to think purposefully about what you want for your future. Then be honest in your meetings with the team and share what you desire. They can help you map out an individualized plan that can make your dreams become a reality.  Also, be sure to take full advantage of the BW services and expertise because they can help. BW has lots of resources, are extremely knowledgeable, and their team is top notch.”

What Julie is describing is exactly what we work so hard to do for all our clients. I appreciate her words and her trust over these many years.

Julie keeps a list of things she’ll do when she’s back to work and the world is back to normal (or settled into a new normal). Her list includes adventures like horseback riding, volunteering at an animal shelter, and traveling again.

My team and I will make sure Julie has those adventures, and any others she adds to her Ideal Life Plan, and maybe she’ll write books about her adventures, so we can continue to enjoy her journey, too.

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