Meeting in the Virtual World

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As travel bans and social distancing have forced the majority of the workforce to shift to working from home, video conferences and messaging platforms are substituting for almost all face-to-face communication to keep operations running smoothly.

By this point, it is likely you have engaged in some sort of virtual meeting via Zoom, GoToMeeting, FaceTime, or any of the numerous video conferencing platforms.  Over the past month and a half, Bradley Wealth has successfully conducted over 40 Progress Review Meetings with clients, as well as hosted a client-wide True Wealth Town Hall via Zoom.

Zoom has provided meaningful connection when people need it most. While this move to video conferences and virtual meetings has been necessary, we see this technology continuing to play an integral role in how we meet with our clients long after COVID-19.

First and foremost, no, we will never eliminate in-person client meetings. Until deemed safe by our federal and local governments, however, we will continue to meet virtually as we have been doing. We see tremendous value connecting with our clients in-person and always will.

The human connections piece of an incredibly important planning or portfolio decision sometimes can be tough over virtual meetings. For that reason alone, we will always offer to meet with our valued clients in-person. It is your choice!

A virtual meeting may be a best practice for a number of reasons, including:

  • Ability to avoid the commute to and from our local office
  • The meeting can be held anywhere – your home, local coffee shop, library, vacation, etc.
  • Less time-consuming overall for our ultra-busy clients

Virtual Meeting Best Practices

The era of video conferencing and virtual meeting is here to stay. This new wave of technology will only continue to expand in your day-to-day life. From doctor visits to family gatherings, the impact these digital tools continue to bring will only expand as more business and sectors adapt them.

Zoom Best Practices and Information:

  1. Zoom 5.0 Download
    • By May 30, 2020, all Zoom users will be required to run Zoom 5.0 to partake in any Zoom virtual meetings. We highly recommend you download Zoom 5.0 using the below link prior to May 30. A small investment in preparedness now could have a huge impact when that time comes to meet. We can help avoid most technical difficulties ahead of time by completing this.
  1. Zoom Security
    • BW and Zoom both take security very seriously. Zoom is proud to exceed industry standards when it comes to their virtual communications software. Zoom offers several tools to protect our client meetings, including how people join and how information is shared.

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to your BW team should you have any questions or needs of assistance. We’re happy to walk you through Zoom at your convenience. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

Save the date: We are excited to announce our next online True Wealth Town Hall Webinar on Thursday, June 4th at 11am PST. Mark your calendars and be on the lookout for the invitation.

Stay safe and healthy.