Our Core Value of the Quarter: Thirst for Knowledge

Posted on July 14, 2020

Definition of Thirst for Knowledge: “Stakeholders who have a thirst for knowledge realize they cannot sit back and rely on what they know right now to get themselves and our company into the future. They think of ways to do things better by doing them differently. People who have a thirst for knowledge are enthusiastic about learning new information, new systems, new processes, new technologies… and new things about themselves! Stakeholders have the courage to overcome any resistance to change.” Each BW stakeholder is pursuing knowledge in their own way, including me! This fall, I will start taking courses to complete a year-and-a-half program to earn my Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) accreditation. Sad to say this service is needed, but once I have the certification, I’ll be able to assist our clients in getting through the hard and painful transition of dissolving a marriage. Following are updates on how the rest of our stakeholders are quenching their Thirst for Knowledge. Ryan Tosto is going to law school! Ryan started with BW as a Wealth Planning Associate Intern in March of 2016 and worked until his graduation in May of 2017 when he became an Associate Wealth Advisor/Wealth Plan Design Specialist. He holds that position now. However, Ryan has decided to get a Juris Doctor (law degree) with a focus area/certification in estate planning, which means his last day at BW will be July 31. He plans to return to BW after completing his three-year law program to be an advisor and our licensed staff estate planning attorney. “I’ve always had an interest in law and finance,” Ryan said. “I looked for a way to merge the two. When I started studying for the CFP® exam six months ago, I discovered I enjoyed the legal side of estate planning.” Having an estate planning attorney on staff would place Bradley Wealth in a unique position, compared to other wealth management firms of our size. Bradley Wealth now outsources estate planning for 80% of our clients to a trusted attorney and strategic partner. Ryan looks forward to networking for a few years as he builds his writing and presentation skills and ultimately emerges with a law degree and a Certified Financial Planner accreditation by the time he is 27 years old. While in law school, he’ll continue to use his BW email and will work with us during his school breaks, when possible. We’ve already hired Alex Cohen to replace Ryan as an Associate Wealth Advisor and Alex is receiving six weeks of training with Ryan to ensure a seamless transition. Naturally, we wish Ryan the best of luck over the next three years, and I’m sure you join me in looking forward to welcoming him back as an attorney and a CFP! Brandon Scott is pursuing a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) Certification Brandon has always wanted to earn the CFA certification and he started his first course last month, enjoying the refresher on economics, fundamental analysis supply and demand, and quantitative methods currency conversion. “In business,” Brandon said, “you can take numerous routes, including an MBA or CFA. The CFA is the best for research-driven roles and risk analysis. I want to continue being a portfolio manager and down the road also become a Chief Investment Officer (CIO).” The CFA requires passing three levels, which each take about a year to complete, with exams offered once or twice a year. Brandon is especially glad he’ll have his CFA by the time he’s 30 years old. “I love researching, trading, and assessing investment strategies, and, ultimately, finding the best solutions for our clients,” Brandon said. Roxanne is working toward an MBA and her Series 65 License Roxanne joined Bradley Wealth last October, hit the ground running, and hasn’t slowed up since. Case in point, in early 2020 she took on the role of Operations Specialist, increasing her responsibilities and meeting them with finesse. In her free time, Roxanne is working on her MBA from Grand Canyon University and expects to receive her degree in 2021. She’s also studying for her Series 65 License! “My dad always tells me to find something I love,” Roxanne said, “and put everything I can into it, which is what led me to getting an MBA.” Working toward her B.S. in Applied Business Management, Roxanne discovered an affinity for business management and is fascinated by how businesses, large and small, function, including funding, fees, daily processes, marketing, culture, and management styles. Roxanne chose to pursue an MBA to make sure she had the education to grow to the highest level at her chosen company, and to ensure her skills, education, and experience make her competitive for higher positions. We’re so glad Roxanne chose Bradley Wealth to grow with. Chad Cox, our summer intern, is working toward his Bachelor of Business Administration Chad has been heavily involved in learning as much as possible about Bradley Wealth’s operations and service philosophy during his summer internship in our Scottsdale office. A student at Texas Christian University, Chad is majoring in Finance and Management in the Neeley School of Business and expects to graduate in May 2022. His 3.62 GPA has earned him entry into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and a TCU Dean’s Scholarship. We’ve been taking advantage of his intelligence, and good nature, and hope he returns to intern again.]]>

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