Get A Complimentary Second Opinion

NOW is always a good time for a second opinion.

First things first: make sure your advisor is a fiduciary, aka Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), which means they are independent and required to be conflict-free (or at least disclose any potential conflicts). For example, a fiduciary doesn’t get paid more if he or she recommends that you buy shares of Apple or a Treasury Bond.

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A fiduciary receives no incentive to steer you toward specific investment options. They advise you based on your goals and risk tolerance, not on commissions they’ll receive. If your advisor is not a fiduciary, then you may want to consider obtaining a second opinion and evaluating a new advisor relationship.

What A Second Opinion Can Reveal

Getting a complimentary second opinion could be in the best interest of your financial future. You’ll receive a thorough analysis of your investments, including how well they’ve performed over time and the state of their health today.

A second opinion will reveal what the future has in store for your investments, such as anticipated returns, and if those expected returns will help you meet your goals. It will also help you evaluate the costs your current advisor is charging. Do the costs you’re paying reflect the level of service you’re receiving? Does your advisor offer you new ways to save money?

Bradley Wealth is trusted by our hundreds of clients, who receive customized care and financial planning based on ensuring they live their Ideal Life. Our pricing is transparent. There are no hidden fees, and we always put our client’s needs first, adhering to the “fiduciary standard,” offering our clients total and honest protection.

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