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Life as a BW Client: Meet Aaron and Christy

Posted on April 07, 2022

Aaron and Christy are clients, yes, but they are also close friends and feel like family. We’re so close, Aaron will be one of my groomsmen when Brooklyn and I get married in Cancun in November, and he will also officiate the ceremony! 

Our great friendship/collaboration started 16 years ago when I met Christy at a Leads meeting. She was hustling for their pool company, and I was hustling for Bradley Wealth.

Fast forward 16 years: Aaron is now President and COO of Premier Franchise Management, guiding its growth to 140 franchises and making it the largest pool company in the world. Christy worked on and off with the company up until last year.

Natives of Michigan, Christy and Aaron relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, in 2003 and then moved with their jobs to Sacramento, California, in 2014, where they’ve enjoyed raising their 15 and 16-year-old daughters, Grace and Anabelle. 

But back when we first met, Christy and Aaron were in their mid-20s, newly married, and new parents. They first approached me about life insurance, something Christy felt was essential for their young family. Aaron jokes they were my first and only house call. (That’s another thing I love about Aaron; his sense of humor is wise and dry and spot on.) Shortly thereafter, I was their official adviser.

Since then, Bradley Wealth has set up a 401K program for their business and created 529 accounts so the girls can go to college debt-free. 

Aaron reminds me constantly that he has referred more people to Bradley Wealth than anyone else. We estimate he has brought 25 clients to our team, including Christy’s parents and a few aunts and uncles from Michigan. Referrals are the greatest gift we can receive, and I do not take the referrals lightly. I’m deeply grateful for the many wonderful people Christy and Aaron have brought into my life and our family of BW clients. 

Aaron recently told me he refers people to us “gladly with no apprehension, because I know they’re going to get the same white-glove treatment we’ve received for the last 16 years.” 

They tell me what I hope every client feels; that I’ve spoiled them. Aaron said, “I appreciate you and your organization, and the way you’ve grown Bradley Wealth to meet the needs of your clients. You continue to put the resources into your business to make sure your clients don’t see a drop-off in service. Bradley Wealth will continue to live on and provide great service, even after you’ve moved on.” That’s the plan, for sure!

Christy and Aaron work hard and save prudently, recognizing it’s important to give generously and live generously. They set a goal and worked toward purchasing their dream cottage in Lake Tahoe, one of their favorite places. It was my honor to be by their side through the process. 

As for their primary residence, it’s been a top priority for Aaron to get their house paid off. Aaron is a big Dave Ramsey fan and while Ramsey advocates for paying off mortgages, I normally advise against paying off a home because those monies usually earn more from investments than in interest saved. But I know how important it is for Aaron’s peace of mind to have his house paid off, so I’m working with them on that goal. It’s been easy because Christy and Aaron are disciplined with their money. 

Aaron told me, “You didn’t say no to our goal of paying off our house. You demonstrated that if it’s important to us, it’s important to you. You listen to our wants and desires.”

Following their desire to live generously, Christy and Aaron, who grew up around lakes in the Midwest, wanted to buy a boat so they could make memories with their children. They talked to me about getting a boat, we put a plan in place, and they worked the plan. They live two miles from a lake and boating is now a huge part of their life. They wish they had bought a boat 10 years ago. 

Christy and Aaron give me credit for helping them strike a healthy balance between saving for retirement and a rainy day while also enjoying life now. They get the credit, though, because they’re the ones making it happen for their family.

Aaron and Christy paid my team the greatest compliment recently. They captured what it means to be interconnected with clients who are friends. “When my girls eventually need an advisor,” Aaron said, “they’ll probably be working with Brandon, Alex, and Jake at Bradley Wealth.”

We would be honored, my friend.

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