Focus & Accountability: Our EOS Quarterly Update

Posted on July 14, 2020

Getting the Right Stuff Done,” an article from my Q1 CEO message, working the EOS program is helping our BW team drive all aspects of our business; we’re setting goals and being accountable for reaching them  on time. In Q2, our BW team reviewed goals for the first half of the year and set Q3 goals. In light of COVID-19, we re-evaluated our plans and brought more clarity, looking at how the virus is reshaping our business and how we interact with you, our clients. Re-evaluating Goals What was important prior to February 19, before the Coronavirus, was transformed after the virus, and contemplating the changes we’ve all experienced brought about many new actions. Our biggest one, creating our Proven Process, came from that exercise. Our BW Proven Process shows how we work, how we bring on new clients, and how we build long-lasting relationships. For example, bringing on new clients includes the following consistent steps:

  • An initial conversation: creating an inspiring financial strategy
  • The Discovery Meeting: defining financial goals and priorities
  • Client On-boarding: creating a customized wealth plan and strategy
  • Wealth Plan Reveal: sharing the plan for feedback
  • Wealth Plan Implementation: putting the plan into action, funding new accounts
Our Proven Process strengthens our firm by aligning our stakeholders and clients, including future clients, with everything we do and say at BW. We also finalized our Client Value Promise (CVP) which clearly states the proactive service and relationship our clients will experience with BW. Our CVP includes these powerful principles, our promise to our clients:
  • Client First
  • Quality, Prompt Service
  • Trusted Advisor
  • Unbiased Recommendations
  • Privacy and Confidentiality
  • Transparency
  • Education
New Financial Advisor When I put my Visionary CEO hat on, I clearly see the need to hire more advisors, and the EOS process is helping us narrow our search for the perfect financial advisor to join our team. I recognize the firm has outgrown “Michael Bradley,” in a sense, and we can expand by bringing on advisors whose values match our BW Core Values, which include:
  • Be Selfless & Humble
  • Be Authentic
  • Serve with Passion & Positivity
  • Be Connected & Engaged
  • Be Empowered & Accountable
  • Thirst for Knowledge (read more about this value in this issue!)
Bringing on new advisors is part of my 10-year plan and vision to create BW as your modern advisory firm, equipped with the right tools and the right attitude to take our relationship into the future. Your Financial Advisor of the Future I wake up each day eager to position and equip the firm at every level for growth, succession planning, and advisory and operational support. That’s why I’m transitioning BW from a solo practice to an ensemble approach where we handle client requests as a team. The goal is for anyone and everyone on the team to be able to help you and support your ultimate success. As you can see from our Proven Process, Core Values, and Client Value Promise, which puts you first, the EOS program is helping us create a BW of the future, to grow with you and your evolving needs. Focus and accountability are the two main EOS drivers to get us there. If you ever see us not being focused on you, and not being accountable to you and the things that we say matter, then please let me know. I want BW to be your financial advisor for years (and decades) to come.]]>

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